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Provencal Mas
Chalet Overlooking Evian & Lac Leman
William Pearson

New Year and some new laws in France

The price of diesel is going up by 1 centime and the price of petrol being reduced by 1 centime.  This should remove some of the price advantage that diesel, considred more of a pollutant, has had over petrol.

If you drive in Paris you will have to have a vignette to indicate how polluting your car is.  When the polution levels are very high, you may have to leave your car at home.

I have mentioned this before, but there is now a ban on vehicles having tinted front windows - window and side windows.

Talking of vehicles, autoroute tolls are set to rise by an average of .8%.

There is now a ban on fruit and vegetables being sold in plastic bags. Shopkeepers must use biodegradable paper for example.

Finally - cigarette cartons must be in plain packaging and any that flout the law will be banned.

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